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Gifts Melbourne Florida

Are you looking for an antique gift for someone you love? A vintage item for your bestie? A treat for yourself? Look no further! Antiques & Uniques Vintage Market is located at 1240 Sarno Road, Melbourne, Florida. We cater to your every need including having gift wrapping, convenient checkout and accepting cash, check or credit card.


Have something specific in mind you’re looking for? We have an electronic inventory system which we can search by keyword to direct you to the booth with exactly what you have in mind. 


Our vendors offer a great assortment of candles, soaps, arches and more! The high-quality items found here are plentiful and assorted such that you can find anything you may wish. 


Looking for a gift plant? We offer them in all different varieties, sizes and colors. We even offer decorative pots to go with them!


Gift Vendors 

Do you sell gifts? Are you looking for an additional revenue stream or storefront? Apply to be a vendor! We offer all different sizes of spaces from affordable shelves to secure locked cases and traditional full sized booths. 


Our inventory management system is convenient and easy to use such that you get real time sales updates! We also offer free professional labels so that you can look stylish and match the rest of the store. 


Our state of the art security system will ensure your merchandise remains secure and minimize your losses from theft. We have thirty two cameras, 24 hour monitoring and advanced theft protection. 


Our focus is on making the vendors happy and successful, your success is our success. Our marketing department manages all forms of advertising from online, print and more to get you noticed. We will promote you however helps best!


We look forward to seeing you in the store!

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