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How It Works

Who We Are

Antiques & Uniques Vintage Market leases space to an eclectic mix of vendors. Our over 32,000 square foot mall sits on a heavily trafficked road minutes from I-95. Vendors enjoy the services of our friendly trained staff who manage sales transactions (including collecting and paying sales tax), customer service, marketing, phone calls and inquiries, website, and online presence.


Who Our Vendors Are

Vendors rent one or multiple booths, locked showcases, or shelves. Vendors design, construct, create, and decorate their space, and procure and price their merchandise.


Antiques and Uniques Vintage Market is currently seeking vendors who sell antiques of all kinds, vintage and eclectic/unique home décor and furniture, military and space collectibles, vintage paintings, vintage signage, unique gifts, high quality local craftwork, high quality local art, vintage toys, vintage clothing, handmade soap, candles, and more.


We avoid mass produced and/or imported items. Existing small businesses wishing to have another location are welcome!

How it works

How We Serve Our Vendors

We make it easy to do business:

Our ConsignorAccess Software allows vendors to easily add and remove inventory from the database and tracks transactions in real time allowing vendors to check their sales and inventory via phone or computer. UPC coded price tags with short item descriptions are automatically generated and printed by our staff for use by vendors. The vendor simply attaches price tags to their items.

We make your customers happy:

Antiques and Uniques Vintage Market’s trained, warm and inviting staff provide outstanding customer service. Our UPC system allows for a quick and accurate check-out. Customer perks include free promotional items like tape measures and pens, and shopping carts.

We drive sales:

We provide an attractive professional website and maintain an online social media presence. We have a professional marketing staff and a generous marketing budget.  Our transaction process is seamless and fast with UPC coded price labels. We also provide small shopping carts to all customers, a perk proven to keep customers shopping longer and result in more sales. Shopping carts are not allowed in booths.


We provide State of the Art Security:

Our state of the art 64 camera IP security system, professionally monitored alarm system, heavy duty key safes, individual keyed lockers for large bags, numerous warning signs and foot traffic control make our store the most secure antique mall in Florida.


We make you feel at home:

Enjoy the vendor room with seating and tables for pricing, taking pictures for online sales, and lost and found shelf.

How We Work Together

At Antiques & Uniques Vintage Market, your customers shop hundreds of booths, shelves, and showcases all under the same roof.  Customers purchasing items are checked out by a trained friendly staff-member. Vendors are not required to be present in the store to sell items but are always welcome! Vendors who restock and keep new and interesting items in their space perform the best.

Leasing Your Space


 Antiques & Uniques Vintage Market pays the vendor for their total sales minus rent, taxes, and commissions monthly. Rent and tax are paid 1 month in advance.

~All sales: 10% Commission (Regardless of cash, credit, financing)~

~All Rents have a 5.5% Rental Tax in Brevard County~


~All other spaces vary based on square footage~


~Call 321-622-6445 or Email for additional questions~

If you're interested in becoming a vendor, please fill out the form above.

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Store Map

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