Interested in selling at our outdoor market?

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Outdoor Markets with Us

Antiques & Uniques Outdoor Markets showcase high quality local vendors selling antique, vintage, professionally handcrafted, and boutique merchandise.

Where: Outdoor Markets will be held at our store location at 1240 Sarno Rd Melbourne, FL in the parking lot

When: The third Saturday of each month from 10 am - 3 pm starting October 15th, 2022.

Booth Fees & Sizes

  • Booth sizes are 10'x10' spaces, each space is $40 plus sales tax & fees.

  • Tents that are 10'x10' or smaller are permitted at our outdoor market. Tents larger than 10'x10' are not permitted.

  • There are a total of 28 spaces available

  • Spillage of merchandise outside of the tent is not permitted.

  • Booth placement will be determined by the event coordinator. 

  • Power will not be available to the booths.

  • Generators are not permitted with an exception for food trucks.

  • Vendors are required to man their booth at all times during the event.


Application Process

Applications are not on a first come first serve basis. Applications will be open for a period of time to be reviewed and the best vendors will be selected. The accepted vendors will therefore be given  invoices within 3 days after the closure of applications.


  • If you would like to be a vendor, please complete the above application. 

  • Applications open six weeks before the event occurs.

An application is required to help us maintain a high quality market complimentary to our store to ensure the best customer experience.

  • Photos are REQUIRED for the application to be considered, the form above includes the ability to attach photos.

  • Applications will close 3 days before the event or sooner if all spaces are reserved

  • After an accepted application, vendor spaces are subject to a first come first serve basis, with 28 spaces available. NONONONONO

    • The earlier you submit your application the better to ensure a booth
  • A response to your application will be sent to your email 1-2 days after application submission

  • Applications need to be submitted and approved before a booth can be reserved.

Acceptance + Invoicing

  • Should your application be approved, an invitation link to reserve/pay for your space will be sent to your email. Please submit your application ASAP to allow time for approval.

  • The location of your booth will be selected for you and included in the email along with any other additional information.

Refunds + Unexpected Events

  • In the event of a major storm (hurricane), fees will be refunded to all vendors.

  • No refunds will be issued two weeks before the event.

  • A refund will be given with an emailed notice of cancellation no later than 2 weeks before the event less a $10 cancellation fee.

  • No shows will not be given a refund.

  • If fewer than 10 vendors have applied and payed, the event will be canceled due to lack of interest and full refunds will be submitted to all vendors.

Payment between Vendor and Customer

  • Outdoor market vendors are required to have their own form of collecting payment from customers whether it is cash or card payments.

  • Payments for merchandise from customers for the outdoor markets will not go through the AUVM system. 

Morning of Event

  • Vendors are required to show up at the location between 8:00am - 8:30am to be directed to their designated booth location and to allow time to set up.

  • All vendors are required to be completely set up with their tent and merchandise by 9:50am

End of Event

  • All vendors are to begin packing up their space beginning at 3:00pm and have all merchandise and tents removed within the hour unless more time has been requested.

Additional Rules

  • Excessively loud music or disturbances are not permitted.